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After teaching Motorcycle Key Generation classes for many years and receiving requests year, after year for a database containing motorcycle key generation information, we are finally ready to release our guide called LockTech Moto Quick Guide, or LockTech MQG for short.

This guide was designed to assist the locksmith during the key making process as well as a quick guide to verify they have the tools and key blanks necessary to complete the job while still on the phone with the customer.

Being a website based login, LTMQG will constantly be updated and expanded upon to cover new years as well as other makes and models. For this reason we felt the best pricing structure would be a yearly subscription.

To use the guide simply login, then choose what make the motorcycle is, then it can be narrowed down to the specific motorcycle by selecting the model and year.

The information page provides the following information to assist in generating a key;

Key blank listings for JMA, JET, ILCO, SILCA, OEM

Code Series

Transponder (YES/NO)


Wafer Positions for Ignition, Gas Cap, Seat)

Key Cutter Information for HPC, ITL, DSD, Pak A Punch

Spacing and Depths

Tips Section

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