Honda / Acura Ignition Roll Pin Removal Kit
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Due to the increasing frequency of these ignitions failing this kit was put together to allow the locksmith to remove the ignition roll pin on most Honda and Acura models without drilling or any damage.  Our kit is unique in that it grabs the outside of the roll pin compressing its diameter allowing the roll pin to easily be removed and reused after the ignition repair has been completed.  



Kit Includes  

(1) Type 1 Fixture (1) Type 2 Fixture (1) 5/16 collar with set screw (1) 5/16 Brass Thumb Screw (1) Ice Pick (1) Center Punch (1) Hex Wrench (1) 1/4-20 Thumb Screw (1) Red Cap Screw (1) Tan Cap Screw (1) Black Cap Screw (4) Spacing Washers (10) Clamp Tube Sets  

  • Item #: Lt_IRPR_KIT

Honda / Acura Ignition Roll Pin Removal Kit

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