HU100-IRT V1
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This tool was developed to remove the ignition in the “OFF” position in GM vehicles using the HU100 keyway. It will remove the ignition in the “OFF” position with no damage, no drilling, and do it in less than 90 seconds for super-fast key origination’s or excellent for jammed ignitions that will no longer turn to the “ON” position.  (patent pending)


2010+ Chevrolet Camaro
2011+ Chevrolet Cruze
2010+ GMC Equniox
2010+ GMC Terrain
2010+ Buick Allure
2010+ Buick Regal
2012+ Chevrolet Orlando
2012+ Buick Verano
2012+ Chevrolet Sonic.

GMZ (B106) keyway models
2008+ Buick Enclave
2008+ Chevrolet Traverse
2008+ GMC Acadia
2007+ Saturn Outlook.

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HU100-IRT V1

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